Iloinen pihavaris Aaro is about a happy crow who lives by three beautiful houses and gets fed with yummy foods. This is a children’s book which also includes the story recorded. Publisher Sandcastle Productions.


Mánnávuoda muittut is the first baby book in Finland that is written in sami language. Really informative for a toddler/child about his/hers roots with lots of pictures and even a small dictionary. You can buy the book from here!

The book contains most common of the Sami dresses from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, altogether 56 dresses including both girls and boys dresses.

The book also has the most common animals and plants that are discovered from the Sami regions. Here presented just a few of them.

I evaluated one online illustration course for Kuvittaja magazine No. 3/20 and due to the teaching, I came up with this water nymph with her water lily.


An illustration for Sarjainfo magazine No. 3/2017, which is the only magazine in Finland that is specialised in comics. The illustration targets on bookstore’s in Finland that have become more than just bookstores. There are all kinds of products for sale that aren’t books, let alone comic books. Other products gets more visibility gradually.


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