So now that you have browsed my work through, I’ll tell you something about me. I’m a fun loving person who likes to observe everything around me including nature and its textures, bird singing, what’s the weather like, shapes and sizes of different objects, how the paper or fabric feels between your fingers or how the text is adjusted to its pictures. To me it is important to know how and why does something look as it does and what kind of presentation it makes.

I’m a good drawer. I prefer to express my thoughts and ideas on paper as drawings. I’m a visualist in a modern and minimalist way but I also have a hearty and rich coloured style. I guess my personality shows in my work at some level, but more in my personal work. When working, I’m giving my 110 percent to make the end project wonderful and satisfying. The things that are unfamiliar or the things that I have no experience, I’ll search for information to get the facts right. For the rest I do my best.

I’m also a collector of all sorts of things, mainly old vintage stuff which gives me pleasure by its purpose and appearance, and somehow it ends up decorating my home. It can be a tiny hippo, an old movie poster or just a green coloured glass bottle which you can fill with fresh flowers. You get the idea.

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Thank you!


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